Pimp Your Ride - Tyres and Wheel Rims

Established in 2021 Pimp Your Ride is your One-Stop-Shop to Customize, Accessorize and Energize your Vehicle.

Back in 2021, two people had an idea about creating an automotive shop that customers could call upon, to get all their requirements done, in the same place. The idea was put into place and Pimp Your Ride Hamilton was formed. Trading under the World of Tyres Company, it soon became apparent, PYR was going places - so positive changes were made. 

In mid July 2023, Pimp Your Ride Hamilton started trading as Pimp Your Ride NZ LTD - breaking away from World of Tyres and becoming its own company. 

We had an amazing start up with the business and now it has become such a success, we have moved into a much bigger location, giving us more space and opportunities to grow. 

Our amazing success has come from an unbelievably talented and passionate team - of “doing it right” individuals. We have listened to our customers about their issues with businesses - and tried our hardest to “not be one of those guys” when it comes to communicating. We make a huge effort to get back to people that have made enquires, as we believe this is one of the core factors behind our success .

We also have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry - and that knowledge continues to grow with our on job training. We 100% believe in being fair and reasonable, with all aspects - and will go the extra mile when required. 

We are proud to be Waikato’s exclusive Ironman 4x4 Dealer. 

We supply and install vehicle parts, accessories, extras and modifications to your 4x4 Ute, SUV or Rear Wheel Drive - including:

  • Bull Bars / Nudge Bars
  • Roll Bars,
  • Suspension Lift Kits,
  • Rims and Tyres,
  • MT’s and Steelies
  • 4x4 Snorkels,
  • Running Boards,
  • Roof Racks,
  • Sports Bars,
  • Tailgate Assist,
  • Body Trims,
  • Monsoons,
  • Seat Covers,
  • Lift / Lowering Kits,
  • and more...

We got you!